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January 9, 2012

Tour code: TR-IT14                     

 Mongolia has one of the last remaining  nomadic cultures in the world that has little changed over the centuries. Even now  nomadic people using yak   as transportation when they move one  place to  another  in  every  season . This tour takes you  to lake Ugii, hot spring , central part of mountain range , small caves and rock cliff. Explore magnificent Erdene Zuu monastery temples with grand examples of Buddhist iconography dating back to the 16th century. Visit archeological excavation sites of Kharakhorum ruins. You  will   visit   nomadic families and you learn a lot from our unique culture and lifestyle. Our  drivers and cooks equipped with outdoor equipment that is made for the type of adventure

Day 1:  Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to hotel. City tour including a visit to the Gandan Monastery to view the impressive 20 ton statue of Migjid Janraiseg (Avalokiteshvara), adorned by gold and jewels, followed by a visit to the National History  Museum, Chinggis  Square and Parliament house  .  Traditional performance in the evening.  (L.D.)

Day 2: Lake  Ugii /Arkhangai province

Drive to the Lake Ugiin Nuur. The lake is  35 sq. km large  a home of numerous species of fish, including pikes and perches  , cranes , ducks , swans. You  have opportunity to ride horse Overnight stay in ger camp. ( this day journey is  320km). (B.L.D)

Day 3: Taikhar  Rock / Ar  Khangai province

Drive to Taikhar rock and stopover in   Tsetserleg town.  This town is  ringed by scenic  mountains, has lovely little temple next to main square . This day you will inspect the enormous Taikhar   rock formation .Stay overnight at ger camp.(this day journey is  179km) (B.L.D )

Day 4-8   River Tamir / Ar Khangai province

Take  yak cart trekking  towards  north of   Tamir river  through the   beautiful mountain Khangai  forest for  20-25 km .Stay overnight in tent .  Visit to nomadic herder family explore  traditional  life  style , taste  mere’s milk .(B.L.D)

Day 9: Taikhar  Rock / Arkhangai province

Drive to  back Taikhar  Rock,   Relax and free time. ( 100km )  Stay overnight at ger camp. (B.L.D)

Day 10:  Hot spring Tsenkher / Ar Khangai province

There are in Arkhangai many old volcanos, which explains the presence of this hot water source that flows all year long at 1860 metres (1,16 mile) above the sea level in the sum of Tsenkher. Hot spa of Tsenkher Rashaan is located in beautiful  natural scene and  scalding 65-90 degree C with stench of  sodium carbonate, sulfate, fluorite, hydrogen sulfide . Stay overnight at ger camp.  (B.L.D)

Day 11:  Kharakhorum city / Uvur Khangai

Departure for Kharakhorum. Explore magnificent Erdene Zuu Monastery temples with grand examples of Buddhist iconography dating back to the 16th century. Visit archeological excavation sites of Kharakhorum ruins and Museum. Overnight in a ger camp.  ( this day journey is 119km )( B.L .D)

Day 12: Khugnu Khan Mountain / Bulgan province

 Drive to the Mount Khugun Khaan. This  mountain is common in woody plants, such as poplar, pine forest, elm, willow, retina,  straw bushy plant species. Walking through the splendor   gratin mountain to visit  ruins of Uvgun Monastery. Overnight in a ger camp. (B,L,D)

Day 13:Ulanbator

After breakfast drive to UB  city,  check   in hotel, . Visit the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, a home of the last Khaan of Mongolia ,Gobi cashmere factory shop.   (B.L.D )

Day 14 : Departure.

After breakfast depart to airport.


-2 nights in hotels

-6 nights in ger camps

-5 nights in tents

-Authentic Mongolian and international cuisines

-Visits to nomadic families

-Hiking, camel and horse riding opportunities

-Excursions to selected museums and traditional performances


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