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When your  journey  towards  to Mongolia, you are presented with a magic opportunity to take a time-out of the hectic lifestyle of the modern civilization with its rush hours, high tech contraptions, and shopping frenzies.

Set your mind on a sense-awakening and soul-renewing   full of adventure trip in the deep blue sky and snow-covered mountain  tips,  vastness of the steppes,  golden  Gobi  desert     .Our  company established  in  1999 since  then we received  number of tourist  from all over the  world .We  will  provide  you the unique chance to see the virgin nomadic culture and lifestyle that you will find only in Mongolia .

We  can   arrange many type of  trip  such as  southern  part  of Mongolia Gobi desert   which   is the second biggest desert on our planet  and  contain    fossilized dinosaur’s bones and eggs  also  northern part of Mongolia’s   green mountainous  surrounded by  taiga forest  located near to  Khuvsugul lake  which is the second   most voluminous  freshwater lake in Asia.  There  are  national parks  with its amazing beauty embodies the special characteristics of high mountains, icy crystal rivers, mountain valleys, steppe landscapes and ecosystems  in  central and east  part of Mongolia .

Out expeditions are guided by skillful scouts and experienced drivers. Every member of the crew is friendly and fully dedicated to helping you completely enjoy your experience of Mongolia’s nature, lifestyle and nomadic culture.

We  are pleasure  to serve you .   Adventures are waiting for you!

Sincerely,    J. Tour  LLC Team

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