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January 9, 2012

Tour code: AD-SA14

This  is  one of wondrous tour , covering the central and southern parts of Mongolia, you will see the amazing shifts in natural scenes.   During this tour, you could witness and experience the highlighting species of flora and fauna , relics of Gobi dinosaurs. Its unique landscape with massive sand dunes, spectacular mountain peaks, vast steppes and hidden oasis, makes this place distinctive. Two-humped Bactrian camels   rambling slowly, disappearing into the blue mirage  .You will see  clear the blue sky, crimson sunsets and a dazzling multitude of gian stars . A couple of major religious and historical sites  Karakorum and Uvgun Monastery . You will visit to  nomadic  herder  family explore  traditional life style . Our  drivers and cooks equipped with outdoor equipment that is made for the type of adventure

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to hotel. City tour including a visit to Gandan Monastery, the largest Buddhist Center of Mongolia, followed by a visit to the  National History Museum, Traditional performance in the evening.  (L.D)

Day 2: Mount Khugun Khaan / Bulgan Province

Drive to the Mount Khugun Khaan. On the way we trekking at Elsen Tasathai sand dunes   which is 80 km long strip. Visit ruins of Uvgun Monastery.  This  mountain is common in woody plants, such as poplar, pine forest, elm, willow, retina,  straw bushy plant species.

Authentic Mongolian cuisine served for dinner. Overnight in a ger camp. (This day journey is 300 km.).   ( B.L.D )

 Day 3: Lake Ugiin Nuur / Arkhangai Province

Drive to the Lake Ugiin Nuur. The 35 sq. km. large lake is a home of numerous species of fish, including pikes and perches  , birds. You  have opportunity to ride horse along  lake shore  or mountain side .Overnight in tents. (This day journey is 160 km.).  ( B.L.D )

Day 4: Kharakhorum /Uvurkhangai Province

Departure for Kharakhorum. Explore magnificent Erdene Zuu Monastery temples with grand examples of Buddhist iconography dating back to the 16th century. Visit archeological excavation sites of Kharakhorum ruins and Museum. Overnight in a ger camp. (This day journey is 90 km.). ( B.L.D )

Day 5: Tuyaa/ Uvurkhangai Province

Drive through Arvaikheer Town refuel  the  coaches ,may visit supermarket . It is a centre for traditional crafts, goat herding and equestrian sports, and hosts a large regional horse festival every year. Passing trough  wide steppe .   Overnight  stay in tent  near  Tuyaa  . (This day journey is 180 km.).  ( B.L.D )

Day 6: Dalan / Dund Gobi Province

Drive further to Dalan. Often combined Gobi desert steppe ecosystem, such as depression convex lowlands and rocky, erosion has broken canyons, hills and mountainous areas in geography. Going down from north to south  becomes warm as the rainfall decreases. Passing by  continues  field , view  admirable  mirage.Overnight  stay in tent .  (This day journey is 200 km.).    ( B.L.D )

Day 7: Khongoriin Els / South Gobi Province

Explore Khongoriin Els, one of the most dramatic sand dunes of Mongolia, stretching 180 km long and 3-15 km wide. At its peak point, the dune towers 30 m. high. Enjoy the sunset  on this  stunning  and remote desert  landscape , you also go to small  lake  neighboring  sand dunes walking in  green   area  carpet   with  iris.     Overnight  at ger camp.   You have opportunity to ride camel .( This day journey is 150 km.).    ( B.L.D )

Day 8: Bayandalai / South Gobi Province

Gobi is  very sparsely  populated but  desolate landscape  is home of  gazelle khulan , gobi bear wild ass two humped camels .Visit a camel herding family to observe two-humped Bactrian camels. Enjoy camel riding.    Overnight stay in tent. (This day journey is 120 km.). ( B.L.D )

Day 9: Yol Valley / South Gobi Province

Explore the “Yol Valley” National Park in the depth of the spectacular Gobi-Altai Mountain Range.   Trek to  deep and narrow gorge canyon with rock cliff , many years of water erosion. Besides  its spectacular natural beauty it contains  number of bird species  and animal. Overnight in a ger camp (This day journey is 100 km.).       ( B.L.D )

Day 10: Delgerkhangai / Dundgobi Province

Explore the legendary “Flaming Cliffs-Bayanzag “ where Roy Chapman Andrews leading the Central Asiatic Expedition, found the first dinosaur egg. Pass by small oases and saxaul forests. Overnight in tents near one of the highest Gobi Mountains, Mount Delgerkhangai. (This day journey is 200 km). ( B.L.D )

Day 11: Baga Gazryn Chuluu / Dundgobi Province

Drive to fantastic granite rock formations of the Baga Gazryn Chuluu.  In  these mountain

inhabit  wild sheep, goat , ibex , marmot , fox .Mountain also contain  a cave with underground lake . Overnight  in tent . (This day journey is 200 km.). ( B.L.D )

Day 12: Turgenii Gol / Tuv province

Tuv province is Khangai, Khentii branch mountains with  pine , larch and  hilly grassland.

Visit to  nomadic  herder  family explore life style  , taste meres  milk  take horse ride .

Last camping site near Ulaanbaatar city. Overnight  in tent  (This day journey is 180 km)

Day 13: Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to hotel. Visit the National History Museum, which contains a unique collection of traditional costumes and intricate jewelry of different ethnic groups of Mongolia.    (B.L.D)

Day 14: Departure

After breakfast  depart to airport .


-2 nights in hotels

-4 nights in ger camps

-7 nights in tents

-Authentic Mongolian and international cuisines

-Visits to nomadic families

-Hiking, camel and horse riding opportunities

-Excursions to selected museums and traditional performances




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