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January 9, 2012

Tour code: PS-MA10

Gov-Altai is famous for its oasises, and contains some remote sections of several national parks, but most travellers head further west to the more beautiful and interesting aimags  in western Mongolia.Amazing  snow-capped peaks, vast green pastures, salt water lakes and creamy deserts unfolding in front of your eyes   waiting you  during  our driving  by rugged 4X4 vehicle in  majestic Mountains Altai. This trip will transport you to the relatively unexplored parts of Western Mongolia, across several provinces, and acquaint you with the lives of Kazakh people who,  hunt with masterfully trained Golden Eagles. The trip is sure to offer thrilling adventures and unforgettable experience to a dedicated traveler. Our  drivers and cooks equipped with outdoor equipment that is made for the type of adventure .


Day 1: Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to hotel. City tour including a visit to Gandan Monastery, the largest Buddhist Center of Mongolia, followed by National History Museum , Traditional performance in the evening. (L.D)

Day 2: Gobi-Altai Province

Morning flight to the Gobi-Altai province center , Altai Town (3:00 hours). Drive through the Sharga Gobi, which stretches 120 km long and 90 km wide. Stopover at small saltwater lakes and saxaul forests. (This day journey is 160 km). Overnight in tents. (B.L.D.)

Day 3: Mount Sutai / Khovd Province

It is the highest mountain of the Gobi-Altai Mountains with an elevation of 4,220 metres

with many forests and alpine pastures.Camp near the Mount Sutai. (This day journey is 130 km).   (B.L.D.)

 Day 4: Khovd Town/ Khovd Province

Drive to Khovd town. On the way explore the caves of Gurvan Tsenkher. The caves have the most remarkable examples of the Stone Age wall paintings. Maroon images of elephants, camels, ibex, wild sheep, gazelles, ostriches and trees . Arrive to Khovd Town. Visit a local Museum of Ethnography and a local open market. Overnight in a tent. (This day journey is 250 km).

(B.L.D.)Day 5: Lake Tolbo / Bayan-Ulgii Province

Camp at the shores of the 185 sq. m. large and 10 m. deep Lake Tolbo. Visit to the Kazakh families. Photo sessions of hunting with trained Golden Eagles. (This day journey is  200 km).  Overnight stay in  tent. (B.L.D.)

Day 6: Lake Achit/ Bayan-Ulgii Province

Explore the center of the Bayan-Ulgii province, Ulgii Town. Achit Lake is one of the large lake of Mongolia, covering 311 sq.km. It is located in between Kharkhiraa Mountain and Turgen Mountain, at 1,464 meters above sea level.

Camp near the Lake Achit.  (This day journey is 180 km). (B.L.D.)

Day 7: Lake Uureg/ Uvs Province

Drive to  Uureg Lake which is located in between Tsagaan Shuvuut and Turgen Mountains  1,426 meters above sea level, covering 237 sq.km. It is salt water 42 meters deep  border with  Russia .Overnight stay in tent. ( this day journey is 100km).   (B.L.D.)

Day 8: Kharkhiraa/ Uvs province

The mountains have eternal snow. Kharkhiraa Mountain reaches 4,038 meters above sea level and gorgeous Kharkhiraa valley.Explore the center  of the Uvs province, Ulaangom Town.  Camp near the Mount Kharkhiraa. ( this day journey is 110 km).  (B.L.D.)

Day 9: Ulaanbaatar

Flight back to the capital city. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel. Visit the Zaisan war memorial, followed by a visit to the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, a home of the last Khaan of Mongolia , Gobi factory store, Department store  . (B.LD.)

Day 10. Departure  

After breakfast depart to airport.


-2 nights in hotels

-7 nights in tents

-UB-Altai-UB travel by air, local transportations by motor coach

-Authentic Mongolian and international cuisines

-Visits to nomadic families

-Hiking, camel and horse riding opportunities

-Excursions to selected museums and traditional performances


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