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October 10, 2016

Tour code: CU-TS7

Lunar New Year (Tsagaan Sar) is one of the most important festivals of the Mongolian nomads, celebrated for more than 2000 years. The 12-cycle Mongolian Lunar Calendar is named after the twelve animals: Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey and Rooster. The festival is essentially woven of numerous deeply symbolic rituals. Each gesture that is made and each word that is uttered are imbued with meaning impacting the quality of the coming year. Celebrated throughout the country, the festival remains a holiday that Mongols most look forward to with renewed hopes for happiness and prosperity. The celebrations consist of two main stages: the period leading up to the New Year culminating in Bituuleg, a farewell feast for the old year, when special traditional meals must be served and the period that starts next morning with the ritual greetings, Zolgolt, intended to reaffirm mutual loyalties and affection for the New Year. At this time  all Buddhist monasteries are full of people in their finest traditional dresses, paying respects to the divinities and praying for their families’ good fortune. The itinerary also offers opportunities to attend winter sports and various cultural events.

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to hotel. City tour including a visit to Gandan Monastery, the largest Buddhist Center of Mongolia, followed by a visit to National History museum. (L.D )

Day 2: Kharakhorum

Drive to Kharakhorum. (360 km). Overnight in a ger camp. Visit a nomadic family to participate in a traditional family feast on the eve of the Lunar New Year. Traditional cuisine is served.  Overnight stay in ger camp. (B.L.D)

Day 3: Monastery Erdene Zuu/  Uvur Khangai province

The first day of the Lunar New Year. Enjoy viewing rituals of the Lunar New Year greetings. Explore magnificent Erdene Zuu monastery temples with grand examples of Buddhist iconography dating back to the 16th century. Visit archeological excavation sites of Kharakhorum ruins. Visit nomadic families. Celebrate  Overnight in a ger camp. (B.L.D)

Day 4: Ulaanbaatar

Return to the capital city and transfer to hotel ,   free time.     (B.L.D)

Day 5: Terelj/  Tuv province

Transfer to the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. (80 km). This Park is  one of the best travel destinations of Mongolia in shortest possible time with peace of mind and experiencing local culture along with natural beauties. You can enjoy hiking and horse ride around camp area. Visit to Chinggis Khaan statue complex.   Overnight in a ger camp. (B.L.D)

Day 6: Ulaanbaatar

Drive back to city,  visit to  the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, a home of the last Khaan of Mongolia , Gobi factory store, Department store  .   (B.L.D)

Day 7: Departure

After breakfast depart to airport.

-2 nights in hotels

-4 nights in ger camps

-Local transportations by motor coach

-Authentic Mongolian and international cuisines

-Visits to nomadic families

-Hiking, camel and horse riding opportunities

-Excursions to selected museums and traditional performances

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