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January 10, 2012

Tour code: HB-DG14

Mongolia has one of the last remaining horse-based nomadic cultures in the world that has little changed over the centuries. Even  now outside of the capital city   the horse is still the main mode of transportation. Nomads are extremely proud of their horse-riding skills and horse racing tournaments and  the most exciting shows to attend. This tour takes  you to the most popular tour destinations, Terelj  and   Genghis Khan’s  Statue  Complex  national parks central part of mountain range and small caves and rock cliff   . You will   visit nomadic families and you learn a lot from our unique culture and lifestyle . Our  drivers and cooks equipped with outdoor equipment that is made for the type of adventure  .

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to hotel. City tour including a visit to the Gandan Monastery to view the impressive 20 ton statue of Migjid Janraiseg (Avalokiteshvara), adorned by gold and jewels, followed by a visit to the National History  Museum, Chinggis  Square and Parliament house  .  Traditional performance in the evening.  (L.D.)

 Day 2: Mankhan Els / Central Province

Drive to the Mankhan Els. Initial preparations and test riding at the “Ar Burd” ger camp. Overnight in a ger. (This day journey is 130 km.). (B.L.D.)

Day 3: Mount Baga Zorgol / Tuv province

This is sacred mountain and venerated and revered by the  local people, there are 3 small caves and rock cliff in front of the mountain.

Ride  horse  toward the Mount Baga Zorgol. Overnight   stay in tents. (20 km.). (B.L.D.)

Day 4: Mount Zorgol / Tuv province

Ride  horse  toward the Mount  Zorgol . Reaching the foot of the 1,680 m. high granite rock Mount Zorgol. (25-30 km.). Stay overnight in tent . (B.L.D.)

Day 5: Mount Zorgol / Tuv province

Spend the day  horse ridding  and trekking in surrounding rocks and mountains.  Stay overnight in tent . ( 20 km ).  (B.L.D.)

Day 6: Baga Els / Tuv province

Horse trekking through the sand dunes of Baga Els. (20 km.). Stay overnight in tent .  (B.L.D.)

Day 7: Oasis of Khutul  / Tuv province

Explore a small Oasis of Khutul. (20 km.). Stay overnight in tent .  (B.L.D.)

Day 8: Sarantolgoi/ Tuv province

Ride horse  to Sarantolgoi. (20 km.). Stay overnight in tent .  (B.L.D.)

Day 9: Kholboo / Tuv province

Ride horse to Kholboo. (20km ). Stay overnight in tent .  (B.L.D.)

Day 10: Khustain Nuruu/ Tuv province

 Drive to  Khustain Nuruu National Park to observe reintroduced takhi (Przevalski’s horse) wild horses. The Park lies in the foothills of southern Khentii  Mountain range and there are many types of mammals  and birds , archaeological and cultural sites as slab burials , deer stones .  Overnight in a ger camp. ( this day journey is 100km ). (B.L.D.)

Day 11: Ulaanbaatar

Return to the capital city.  Free time . Overnight  stay in  hotel . ( this day journey is110km). (B.L.D.)

Day 12: Terelj / Tuv province

Explore the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. The Terelj National Park is tourist zone has number of  tourist camps . Opportunities for hiking and photo sessions in the environs of beautiful rocky mountains.  Visit to Chingges Khaan  Statue complex. Overnight in a ger camp. ( this day journey is  80km ).  (B.L.D.)

Day 13: Ulaanbaatar

Drive back to Ulanbator . Continue city exploration.  Visit to  Zaisan Visit to Zaisan Hill – War Memorial Statue ,you can view hole city ,next we  visit Bogd Khan Palace Museum, Gobi cashmere factory shop, Department  store  .   Free time


 Day 14: Departure

After breakfast depart to airport.


-3 nights in hotels

-3 nights in ger camps

-7 nights in tents

-Authentic Mongolian and international cuisines

-Visits to nomadic families

-Hiking, camel and horse riding opportunities

-Excursions to selected museums and traditional performances

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